Grit and Grain Apparel was started because we couldn’t find the perfect work shirt.


We knew what we didn’t want. We did not want a basic run of the mill tee shirt. We wanted a work shirt that was not only well designed, but unique and on a soft, well fitting, quality tee. When looking for a source for work tees, local businesses have plenty of amazing options for screen-printed designs, however, no one was using the process of block printing. We jumped at the opportunity to create the perfect hand-stamped tee. We found our niche and by hand, we started Grit and Grain Apparel with our first hand-carved and stamped work tee for Sunnyside Millwork Inc.


With previous experience in leather, Grit and Grain Apparel then expanded into creating hand-stitched leather goods. We aim to respect the raw materials and hand stitch them into works of functional art for everyday use. 

| By Hand |

Grit and Grain Apparel founded 2017