Leather Goods

We hand select quality cuts of leather for each item and respect them for their distinctive characteristics. There is no factory line here. The same person makes each item from start to finish to maintain consistency and the hand made distinctiveness we expect from Grit and Grain Apparel. Each piece is stitched by hand in a variety of patterns to create different designs. Our raw leather ages beautifully and as uniquely as the person wearing it. Over time, raw leather transforms with use to become soft and supple to the touch and develop deep caramel tones. Like a good whisky, raw leather only gets better with age. Our hand-stained leather takes a skillful hand to carefully stain each piece with a brush. It creates a beautiful look that is both unique and comes in a variety of colors. Anyone is sure to find a Grit and Grain handmade item to fit their style and taste.

Hand-Stamped Tees

Grit and Grain Apparel starts by hand-carving a design into material such as wood or linocut.  Each tee is prepped and stamped with the block design by hand. It is the handmade process that takes time and mindfulness throughout production. Since we do limited runs in our tee shirt designs, certain styles will not always be available maintaining some exclusivity and rarity. When you wear our tees know they will stand out in the crowd and each one is distinctive for the handmade process that is Grit and Grain.

We work with our hands. We create with our hands. We make with our hands.

| By Hand |

Grit and Grain Apparel